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We are a metal detecting club with over 100 members, and each month we have a meeting where we show one another our finds for the past month.


We have three separate sections for our finds. A coin section, an artifact section and a Club Site section where we are invited to show our finds for the month.


The winner of each section is awarded with a plaque.


Occasionally we invite a speaker to attend our monthly meeting to give a talk on his/her specialist subject, which could be a particular time in history or to give a slide show.


Most months we go on a coach outing and we also have a local dig which members attend in their own car.


Members of our Club pay a yearly subscription which includes membership of the National Council for Metal Detecting, and this cover’s each member for public liability insurance, and also guides us on the Metal Detecting Code of Conduct.


Every few months The Finds Liaison Officer (F.L.O.) for our area attends our monthly meeting. Finds can be recorded and advice is sometimes given on whether a find needs to be declared. Finds can also be presented to the F.L.O. for identification.


All members have to comply to our Club Rules and Regulations; a copy of which is given to each member on joining the Club.


We hold our monthly meeting at the Victory Reform Club, Chorley Old Road, Bolton. BL1 4JA


We meet every third Thursday of the month at 8.00pm and invited guests are welcome for limited visits.


Anyone who is thinking of taking up metal detecting as a hobby, must first make sure they have gained permission from the land owner, – otherwise it is classed as theft.

Anyone looking to join the club email  <alan.mort@manutd.co.uk






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