A metal detectorist who dug up a 200-year-old set of false teeth while out metal detecting says he hopes the find will be his claim to fame when they go under the hammer in Derbyshire this month. Peter Cross has found numerous objects during his 40 years of metal detecting but says the ancient set […]

Viking Swords

A huge hoard of viking sword parts has been unearthed by archaeologists in Estonia. Archaeologist Mauri Kiudsoo, keeper of the archaeological collection of Tallinn University, said that the two sites were only about 80 meters apart. The swords appear to date from the middle part of the 10th century and were probably used as cenotaphs, grave […]

Declare your treasure finds

Police investigating illegal trade in historic treasures find hoard of Viking coins worth at least £500,000 that could rewrite Alfred the Great’s role in British history They date from the time of Alfred the Great who defeated the Vikings in AD 878 They show King Alfred standing next to Ceolwulf II, King of Mercia  Ceolwulf […]


Seven year old time capsule buried by year six pupils from clayton primary school has been found  by two of our members, Alan and Kath reed went to the school and found the capsule within five minutes. Pupils feared the capsule would be lost forever, then came up with the bright idea to write  to […]